Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Quick update from changover

Alpha 10 in Raleigh Olympics

Rosie and Natasha in Raleigh Olympics
The Venturers and PMs are currently on their way to the project sites and treks for Phase Two of Raleigh Borneo 13C.
An extended change over at Base Camp gave everyone time to relax, catch up with friends, do their laundry and get ready for their next adventures.
There was time for lots of fun too with a second Raleigh Olympics, swimming in the river, performing the Phase One Skits and practicing our dance moves.

We’ll be in touch soon with Phase One accounts from the Venturers and will reveal the all important Phase Two allocations.


Anonymous said...

Hi Naveed
How are you? Hope you are doing well. I really miss you but I am glad you are ok. Dad was really happy to hear your voice and he said you sounded well. We are all very proud of you. AK really misses you and he says it is too quiet without you meaning he does not have anyone to argue with.

Dad said in the next phase you are going to help with building a bridge or something so enjoy everything that you are doing and make the most of this opportunity to change your life.

Dadimaa really misses you and also nanabapa and nanimaa ask how you are getting on. All the family ask about you and your friends from khanne ask about you.

Look after yourself and enjoy your time there. How are you getting on with the spiders and mosquitos? I have written you a letter which will get to you soon hopefully. All the family send their love.

Tc and if there is a no we can contact you on then let me know so we can try and call you. Love you.

Love from
Dad, mum and AK

Anonymous said...

To: Liselot Bekendam

Hey Lies,
Weer even een berichtje van mij, want je hebt nu je zware weken met trek and dive. Als het goed is krijg je deze blog tijdens je trek en is het een opsteker voor je. Je zal wel weer de Singer van de groep zijn en hopelijk is de groep net zo leuk als de eetrste 3 weken.Beetje lol weer met de change overdagen gehad? Brieven heb ik rondgestuurd en wat heerlijk dat je uitgebreid metv Wilbert heb gekletst. Wij houden 1 april onzer telefoon de hele dag in onze hand hoor!
Heel veel plezier en succes ook met het duiken! De omgeving zal vast prachtig zijn: hagelwit strand, blauwgroene zee en prachtig koraal. Geniet ervan en maak aub veel foto's . Dat is dan zo leuk bij het vertellen straks als je ook plaatjes hebt.
Ben benieuwd wat voor Oscar je nu gaat winnen, we leven met je mee en super veel plezier!!
kus Mams

Anonymous said...

Naveed Rajan (Alpha 3)
Hi Naveed,
How are you? I hope you are well and enjoying your work. Your mum told me that you rang and spoke to your dad.. you are well and that you are soon starting your next project of building a bridge. I hope you enjoy all the activities set up for your group. We really miss you. Good luck in your next project and take care. Everyone from the family have passed their regards to you.
Love from
Khatoon masi.
Khatoon masi and

Anonymous said...

To Duco ten Haven, former Alpha 5
Salamat malam Duco, apa kabar? Hoe is het met je Indonesisch? Epi heeft al verschillende malen aan je geschreven maar we zien haar berichtjes nooit op het blog. We hopen dat je ze wel gekregen hebt ! Wat was het fijn om even je stem te horen aan de telefoon en te weten dat het goed met je gaat ondanks de vele regen en de problems met de Filepinos. Wij zijn weer terug in Balikpapan. Sander heeft vandaag tentamen gedaan maar we weten nog niet hoe het afgelopen is voor hem. Miron moet vrijdag examen doen. Je krijgt de groeten van Caroline van Bergen en heel veel liefs van Marie-Jo en natuurlijk van maman et papa

Anonymous said...

Naveed rajan (alpha 3)
Hey naveed
I hope everything is going well bro, all the lads here miss you, and are checking for ur pictures on the website all the time, I'm with sal right now he says yooooo, have a great time.
You take care and work hard, put all your effort into each activity and make the most of this experiance!
Love from your brother
Cake. X

Mandy and Gary said...

Hi Hatty (Lord)
Hope all is still well with you. Gather you had a lovely chat with Mum, Dad, Em and And at the weekend - and on Mothers Day too, perfect timimg! Hear you've joined Alpha 5 now and on your way to the canyon - had a read of their blog before, sounds like lots of mud, wildlife(!) and damp clothes but also loads of fun and wonderful surroundings. Another new experience which we're sure you'll love.
Have been waiting for some exciting news to hand over to you before writing. You may have heard that Ri had to have her appendix out last Weds. She rang us last Tues eve to say she was in pain like she'd never had before. Initially, I was convinced it was wind!!!!!!!!!!! so have decided to keep to my day job. Anyway after lots of family and friend encouragement she went off to get it looked into and they operated Weds morning. I didn't manage to get to the hospital before she went for op but was there as she came round. After making sure she was ok, my next thought was 'thank goodness I've got some news for Hatty now'! Anyway she's at home at the moment, recuperating, but will prob go back to Nottingham for next Monday (last week of term).
Only other news I can think of is that we've bought a new fish today - I tell you, we have such an exciting life! Sadly Forget Me Not took her last breath last night so have been out and bought another. She's called Flo and is yellow, we'll get another couple of playmates, called Doug and Zebedee, for her next week. As I understand it your little chap is still doing well.
So how does our news compare with yours? We can't wait to hear all about it when you come home. We're always thinking about you and we're so pleased you're having such a fantastic time.
Take care and may the fun continue.
Lots of love from Mandy and Gary

Anonymous said...

For Jonathan Tolson alpha 2

Hi Jonny,
So happy to hear from you last weekend! Was a lovely surprise. Your mum has just dropped the letter off as well which was great. I have written you a nice reply. Have a wonderful few weeks and hopefully hear from you again soon! And I got the hotel and flights sorted for Bangkok. Take care, missing you. Thinking of you.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Will(Welch)

Was so thrilled to catch some glimpses of you on the Raleigh blog to know that you have arrived safely. Cant believe its been a week already!! Hope your enjoying this amazing experience. Nothing much to report this end other than Becky & John are house hunting and its rather intense!! Keep well and everybody is looking out for piccies and news of you.
Missing you loads
With love from Mumsy Xxx